Wednesday, September 26, 2012

China Thoughts

China Thoughts

My long trip to India, China, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam approaches and I have a real nerves about it.

Whether to take a bike or not? I think I will but how difficult will it be and how will it limit my travel?

I know India quite well but how will China be? One only has to think of the negative press that country receives for personal apprehension to develop. What far flung deserts will I pass through? What food will I be eating?

In my travels so far Mumbai's ghetto and Calcutta have been the most frightening place I have ever been.

Alley in central Calcutta

Yet the yoyo on the sensual spectrum between fear and relaxation make travel the most exciting thing.

Another thing I have to ask is how can I make my travelling a regular thing? It is a passion grown out my character and a compulsion.

And all the places I have been from my apartment in Kerala,

To the dirt and holy waters of Varanasi,

All joyous places to be and for such varied reasons.

But what lies behind the China's doors?

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