Monday, September 16, 2013

R & R in Nha Trang 2

A warm welcome to the first readers from Lithuania, Jersey and Italy

Back  in Nha Trang

Fishing in Nha Trang Harbour


Not sure how I ended up on this ride. What was I thinking? I never do frightening rides. By the afternoon Nha Trang was baking hot. Even in the sea breeze. Upside down at 150 feet. Sweat. The pheromones of fear. Great fun! You know you are alive in Nha Trang.

They also have a medium size rollercoaster here. Large enough to have you shouting for your mum.

At the Vinpearl Cablecar station. Nha Trang in the distance

Thap Ba Mud Baths

We chose the private mud bath package (500k VND total) and visited mid week at lunchtime. The "private" package is private in the way that you don't share mud with other patrons, not as in a private area (private tubs are all in a row). So if you wanted to act out a fantasy squealing like pigs frolicking in mud ...

Although these two had a crack at it!

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Inside the great Buddha at Long Son Pagoda

Another dimension of Nha Trang

One of the nicest beaches I have ever set foot on.

No hassle. Anywhere. The politest hawkers of squid, fruit and juices.

Not too prissy, posh or luxurious.

Nha Trang: a beautiful, relaxed, working city.

City at Night

Evening lanterns

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