Monday, December 16, 2013

This is England

This is England

Winter Country


Empty Skies

When cycling the cold roads under these skies with a bottle of blackcurrant juice and a banana I listen to a playlist on my iPod. Rhythmic music works best since it segues with cycling cadence. "Twilight" is one of my favourites.

Twilight by Frankie Beverly and Maze

Current reading:

Teach Us To Outgrow Our Madness by Kenzaburo  Oe

The Shining by Roger Luckhurst

The Interrogation by Jean Marie Gustave Le Clezio

Listening to: 

My God is Blue by Sebastien Tellier

Cold, bright meadow

Winter River

It is difficult to describe what one feels looking at a scene like this (without breaking into nature poetry).

So I'll let Benjamin Britten do it with the help of a precocious American child.

Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra Op 34 from the Henry Purcell.

If you like tea with your travel visit GuerillaZ's sister site Singing Bird Tea:


There are beautiful meadows and villages here. I visit by road bike. I like to ride for 30 km and 

take a camera. This village is called Bromham. These villages are deserted in the bleak afternoon. It was very cold but that can act like a friendly combatant; an old friend, exhilarating after the exertion of a long ride.

Recently I got to visit Cambridge. I did my first degree here and had a most excellent time for many and varied reasons. 

The real hit is that under this pile they have a cellar called "The Sweat" where you were able to dance

and sweat substances out through your pores every monday night. They kicked you out stuffily at 11pm. Debauchees.

Students. Still it was top drawer. Staggering up and out into the quad there. Then back to John Ruskin

College. And wake up to polytechnic lectures.

Winter leaves and blossom in Cambridge

Some of these plants make me feel part of this:

15 Billions Years Video of DP's " Motherboard "

Cheerio for now

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