Monday, January 20, 2014

Kota Bharu and the Perhentian Islands

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At the end of a long European winter places like these islands begin to appeal.

Chilling on this island brought a Ronny Jordan track to mind:

Called ' The Jackal'

But first you have to arrive at ...

Kota Bharu

When I arrived in Kota Bharu I was very hungry. The two fried eggs on a plate with Maggi chilli sauce were divine. I've never enjoyed eggs so much. Taken in a tent restaurant near the bus station.

The Market

At sundown the rats come shopping for left over produce. They seemed to come out in order of seniority with the larger ones emerging later. It was quite a sight as they jogged casually around the city centre. They were a pretty confident rat pack. This element of the city sent me inside McDonalds for a breather.


Inside was this sign. Thing was I had been using the bidet to clean my knees.

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The Perhentian Islands

There are two islands. Perhentian Besil, the larger island, which is popular with families and the typical resort accommodation. Perhentian Kesil is backpacker friendly. there are cheap guesthouses and dorms. a dorm bed is 12 ringgits a night. That's 4 dollars.

The two islands are easily reachable from Kuala Besut by speedboat for 70 ringgit return. I made it from Kota Bharu. Whilst not exactly a backpacker I still chose the smaller island.

Coral Bay

The main beach is over-populated but for cheaper restaurants and fewer people take the trail 500 metres across the island for a quieter experience. The walk back through jungle is unnerving and fun.

The food was mainly Thai, at least on this beach in the Perhentians.

Striped tropical reef fish

After snorkelling one is ineffably happy. Feel like Thom Yorke might have done here.

Ingenue: Atoms for Peace

Coral Bay

Fruit Bats

During dinner the fruit bats began to stir. These are huge creatures with maybe a two foot wingspan. One feels privileged to consume Tom Yum soup with them in close proximity. 

Off the beaten track a little. 

Cheerio for now

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