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The Volcanoes Above Us

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Welcome to readers from the Kingdom of Cambodia,  Morocco and 
the Democratic Republic of Congo

Mt Agung, the holiest on Bali

The Volcanoes Above Us

The jet engines work very neat separation at the beginning of this track -  

Roche  Mimosa Remix by Sebastien Tellier.

It's difficult to know where to start with Bali in Indonesia.

It's the only Hindu island in all the thousands of Indonesian islands.

Where there was, on a regular basis, plenty of brutal cockfighting.

Where the people are so friendly they can not stop smiling.

On an island so beautiful you have keep moving around it to find more beauty.

And hunt out work for the scores of men sitting aimlessly around the during the course of every day.

My pick, the white bird, lost.

That red tape around the leg attaches a long curved blade shining.

At a fight like this w hat you miss out on, as the viewer of a still image, is the noise, the smoke, the waving of rupiah notes at the bookies. The noise had a goading, bloodthirsty quality.  fights Attract These People from far and wide. A hundred scooters are parked out on the road. These events take place deep in the palm groves or on mountain sides. Although cockfighting is illegal there rarely are police around to enforce the law.
These fights rarely last more coal 90 seconds. Someone comes along to finish off the bird lying in a heap or twitching horribly. The owner takes the bird home for his pot. 

At some point a single leg is cut off like this.

Preamble: the English Countryside with my family

Damn. Looking more like my grandfather every day.

Ship to time out again.  southern hemisphere this time The. Indonesian archipelago and Bali in The đó.


This breakbeat track  runs counter to the general atmosphere here in Bali.

"Devil in Sports Casual" by Midfield General

Still I think for better or worse this will be the tune reminds me of Bali.

Satay here.

Black beach

"Ancora Qui" from Tarantino's Django.

What I felt one day under the sun on a high mountain road to Culik. 

Django . Quite a film. I watched it just before I left England.

Does what  12 Years a Slave  does but with a hundred subtleties. too but I love Steve McQueen  Django  is a masterwork or close to it.

"Ancora Qui"

Performed by Elisa Toffoli 
Ennio Morricone Written by

Read: Liz Gilbert's novel  Eat Pray Love

The movie got a panning. But  who cares. I enjoyed the book. I eat pasta, meditate and visit Bali. I can imagine critics slaying the novel. As self-indulgent and endless. But a confessional narrative is fine with me. A good read.

Drink : Arak but very little.

If you like tea with your travel visit GuerillaZ's sister site Singing Bird Tea at:


See below for an example of what a laptop and Blogger by traveling to text.

This large rock is the conning tower of a Japanese WW2 submarine Actually sunk off the coast near the town of Amed. It's quite a dramatic course. Where the coast is the diver into the deep shelves swimmers away without tanks Leaving a nice end of vertigo looking down upon. Beautiful.

A young fellow name of Kadek took us out snorkelling. Because I liked this guy So hard he tried. We met and ate lunch with his family. All food cooked in the outdoor kitchen, poor, blackened walls, chickens inside. Tempeh, rice, other items. His father took us out to the coral garden and the Japanese sub-wreck.

Find  Kadek in the Restaurant Om Shanti  in Bali Bhuana Directly Opposite  Hotel,  Lipah, Amed.

Girl selling rambutans


Fabled Balinese rice paddies

There's a lot more to say about Bali. Perhaps I'll do it in the next post on the Balinese Mountains.

Happy travelling!

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