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Love, Death and Kimchi on the Busan Perimeter

North - East Asia

Love Hotel

Japan and Korea are quite big on 'love hotels.'

You only have to read Murakami's After Dark to Understand the nature of 'love hotels.'

They are pay by the hour establishments.

I stayed in mine in South Korea for three days. I wondered why the baseball female visitors wore caps pulled-down bug-eyed sunglasses and large. Why the hotel reception was a hatch simultaneously call up taxis and drank coffee in 7-11 Styrofoam take-away coffee cups.

Joytel: on the Busan Perimeter

The Nakdong River

The Nakdong River was important in the Korean War (25th June 1950 - 27th July 1953).

The Battle of Naktong Bulge was an engagement between the US and North Korean Forces early in the Korean War from August 5-19, 1950 in the vicinity of Yongsan (Yeongsan county) and the Naktong river in South Korea. It was a part of the Battle of Pusan ​​Perimeter and was one of several large engagements fought simultaneously. The battle ended in a victory for the United States after large numbers of US reinforcements were destroyed by attacking North Korean security divisions.

The Korean War had between 568,000 and 1 million the casualties depending on reporting North Korean side on. The US and allies lost around 178,000 troops.

If you like Korean tea GuerillaZ's sister site follow Singing Bird below:

Bibibidang tea house in the upmarket Dalmiji area.

Well worth the hour of the bus ride and a 30 minute walk through Dalmiji, the Hampstead or Brooklyn Heights of Korea's second city.

If you have any problems finding the tearoom ask at the Chinatown Tourist Information Office about Bibibidang and its location on Dalmiji hill.

Busan is a city built on a succession of valleys. The city is also much larger than I expected.

The Nakdong River from my hotel room's top storey.


This is Bibimbap.

A bowl of rice with one careful arrangements of Korean radish, Perilla leaves, cucumber and shredded carrot all beneath a fried egg. Here accompanied by a side dish of kimchi with other unknown pickles.

Kimchi - a kind of pickled cabbage that has added ground chilli. Be careful with it.

Reading : Your Republic Needs You by Kim, Young-Ha.

Listening to: G-Dragon try Crooked ; the video filmed in Brick Lane, London.

Find more about K-Pop here at:


Busan was once a centre of military affairs in the southern region of the peninsula and therefore was an important site for diplomatic relationships with Japan; high-ranking officers and officials from the court frequently visited the city. Officers were prepared foods such as the Dongnae pajeon, a variant of  pajeon  (Korean savory pancakes), made ​​with whole scallions, sliced ​​chili peppers, and Various kinds of seafood in a thick  batter of wheat flour, glutinous rice flour, eggs, salt and water.

Pajeon booth and its owner.


After taking the hydrofoil from Busan to Fukuoka I catch my first shinkansen, the Sakura to Hiroshima.

Happy Travelling!

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