Thursday, August 4, 2016

Cap d'Agde

Cap d'Agde

The river Herault 300 metres from Cap D'agde railway station.

The Canal du Midi, only a stones throw from the railway too. 

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Drinking Oriental Beauty in Vung Tau

A market stall at Cap d'Agde

By the marina in Cap D'agde. It is oddly low key. This was the last week in June. Perhaps I was expecting Ferraris and great motor launches, catwalk models and tycoons on holiday. No thing of the sort here.

There was a market selling things nobody much wanted. There was a city of moored yachts. But this town has a number of atmospheres. This marina, a naturist beach (and wife swapping) part of the town, a lugubrious old town and other areas not visited.

What I like about France. It is usually low key. 

My mother on the left, her friend Jenny on the left.

They visited for two weeks.

Surprising that vines can even grow in the middle of garrigue terrain. 

So many cheeses. 

Cleaned and ready for lunch

The local wine domain headquarters.

Happy Travelling!

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