Saturday, December 2, 2017

Oriental Mindoro, The Philippines

The scene on arriving in Mindoro by motorised Catamaran.

This was a family holiday of sorts although winging it from London in the UK to Saigon then Manila before reaching Oriental Mindoro by coach and ferry was not the typical undertaking.

Thuy and Sophie on the empty beach outside our apartment.

At least one person is tired here.

Can you see which one?

A cheese ice cream. It is a grim thought but it was okay. I wouldn't run to find another one.

A durian ice would have suited me far better.

A idyllic view from upstairs in our apartment with the outline of Luzon island to the north

This was a private beach of sorts. That is to say no one ever sat on it. 

No question it was pristine and clean. There was even bit of coral in the bay.

As a new (old) father I was actually too tired to swim more than a couple of times.

We were several kilometres from the nearby town. Several westerners lived in the neighbourhood with pretty smart houses that opened out onto the ocean.

Mindoro is a large island around 100 km long. We stayed on its northern tip.

The hinterland is largely uninhabited with mountains, forests and I think no roads that cross them and few that even lead into them.

As usual for people in this part of the world people are pretty darned friendly and conveniently, all of them speak English. 

Where we stayed was exceptionally quiet There was only the sound of the waves (and Sophie crying)

Boats moored in Puerto Galera

Next time:

Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

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